Band Biography

AJ Campione

Cindy Campione

John Hatcherian

Dave Tuma

John Hatcherian

Lead/Harmony/Background Vocals, Drums, Trumpet, Guitar
John Hatcherian grew up on Long Island in the 60’s. A family friend gave him a set of toy drums when he was about five years old. He played them until they broke! At the tender age of 11, he saw the Beatles play at Yankee Stadium. From that point on, he knew he wanted to play drums! Since the music store didn’t have a set of black drums like Ringo, his first set of drums was blue sparkle, and he still has (and uses) the snare from that set!

He studied hard and at age 12, his first band (all still in junior high school) cut their first record. Throughout high school, he played in local bands and at age 18 moved himself to West Palm Beach to join a rock band.

A year later, he was recruited to move to Indianapolis to play clubs in the Midwest, and open for REO Speedwagon and Styx. After that, he was on the road in a show band, playing all over the country. John can relate to Johnny Cash’s song “I’ve Been Everywhere, Man”, because he really has!

For four years he played from San Francisco to Phoenix, Minnesota to South Carolina and back to New York playing drums, trumpet and singing. Tired of living on the road, he moved to Florida to settle down with his wonderful, supportive wife. Married 30 years, they have six children!

John kept his hand in music, playing weekends at Orlando’s Citrus Club in a jazz trio. He went to the Bahamas for two years and played with one of the local bands from time to time. Finally back in Tampa Bay, John says “I am excited to be playing with The Time of Our Lives Band! In the past years I’ve played, rock, jazz, reggae and island music, fusion, standards, you name it! And now, I get to do it all with a great group of very talented musicians. I am like a kid in a candy shop!”

And speaking of candy, John’s drumming is very tasty, indeed!