Band Biography

AJ Campione

Band Leader
Guitar, Vocals

Cindy Campione

Band Manager
Lead Vocals


Lead Vocals

John Hatcherian



Saxophone, Keyboards

De Bellis


New member photos coming soon

About Us

The members of The Time Of Our Lives Band hail from upstate New York, Mississippi,  Long Island, Ohio and Illinois.  With previous bands, musical projects and national acts, they have performed, toured and/or recorded across America, Europe and the Caribbean. Between them, there is over 100 years of performance experience!

With diverse backgrounds and starting places, their paths finally merged in Tampa, Florida.  AJ and his wife Cindy, tired of working in separate musical projects, decided to start a band where they could play together.  Wanting to play good music that was fun for the audience as well as the band members, they decided to create a band that played dance music!  “We wanted to have the time of our lives, and so that’s what we named the band!” says Anthony.

First, they sat down and put together a roster of talents needed for the band.  At the top of the list was great musicianship and solid experience.  However, this list of “must-haves” also contained other criteria that were equally important – good character, great personality, honesty, high work ethics, ability to share the spotlight, and a team spirit that would encourage and support the other band members.

Anthony and Cindy feel lucky and blessed to have found their fellow bandmates.  Not only do they all play music well together, the personalities complement each other and make rehearsal time fun and productive!

This is a band that enjoys playing together, and their enjoyment spreads out over the audience in waves.  You can’t keep your feet still or stay in your chair when The Time Of Our Lives Band starts to play. Their goal is to make sure that you have the time of your life!